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5 star customer reviews

" I just want to say I absolutely love the book! My nephews ask me to read them the story over and over! It's the cutest thing."

- Amber

A story book starring YOUR pet!

Hand-illustrated, this heartwarming tale of friendship, fame, loneliness and love sees your pet jetting off to a pawsome world of four-legged fun!

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Photograph of Belle as she is transformed into a Petlandia star

TWO dogs. One fur-raising adventure!

Hilariously heartwarming, this pawsome adventure sees any TWO dogs embarking on a fun-filled roadtrip across Petlandia, from Mew York to Hollywoof via San Franbiscuits and beyond. Fur is ruffled but friendship conquers all!

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Derek and Bella's Petlandia Roadtrip

Grumpy Cat and YOUR pet!

Worst. Book. Ever? You bet, because this personalized story book stars the world's favorite sourpuss, Grumpy Cat, alongside YOUR pet. It's the grumpiest roadtrip ever!

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Photograph of Belle as she is transformed into a Petlandia star

Thanks again for the great book! It's a huge hit in the family and our daughter thinks it's the best thing ever to have a book with her Ollie Wallie in it.


Excellent book, fab story, beautiful illustrations and fantastic service! Can’t recommend enough buying this hilarious tale with the added personalised bonus!! Two extremely happy children!


Hogan with his Petlandia Adventures book! We got it for Hannah for her birthday as she loves him so much and we were all really pleased with it!


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