Petlandia is where pets and pop culture collide. Where cats dream of online stardom, Rottweilers rack up likes, Shih Tzus snap selfies and Pugs pose. Best of all, any real life pet can become a star, including YOURS

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Make your pet a star with our clever tech.

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See your pet on its own range of personalised gifts.

3. Share

Share videos and emojis starring your pet with the world.

Prepare to be pawstruck!

Our clever tech allows you to create cute avatars of your furry friends. Pets can then star in personalised books, t-shirts, videos and more, or seek stardom with their impawssibly cute emojis in the free Petlandia Emoji app.

We make your real life pet a STAR!

Hey, we're the team at Mind Candy, and we're not kitten you - we love pets! From our flagship smash hit brand Moshi Monsters (100m+ users globally), to purr-sonalised fun in Petlandia, we're dedicated to creating worlds that fire imagination.


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