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5 star customer reviews

" I just want to say I absolutely love the book! My nephews ask me to read them the story over and over! It's the cutest thing."

- Amber

The book is ADORABLE, friends, family and coworkers are all in love with it as well. I hope you plan to do more in the future!

Sylvia, Texas, United States

Love this idea! Made for a perfect gift. It was so fun to read a story that has our pet's details.

Jasmine, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Bought this for my grandson ! What a fabulous exciting story, he loved it. Highly recommend!

Lillian, Rome, Italy

Absolutely love the book and would get it for someone else or myself in a heartbeat!

Adam, Florida, USA

Beautiful book, cleverly written, funny, and current. The art work is amazing!

Constance, Ontario, Canada

It brought a tear to my husbands eye!! He loves his dog {{widget type=

I LOVE my book! An item to be treasured for years to come. The story is both funny and touching and the illustrations delightful.

Gerti, West Sussex, United Kingdom

I had no idea how adorable it really was until I got it to be honest, and it's the best personalized book I have ever seen!

Noelia, Illinois, United States

It's an absolute great gift for any dog lover, no matter what age! The story, and illustrations are great!!

Amy, California, United States

My friend loved this gift. Always a pleasure to get a genuine squeal of excitement when you give a present.

Marcy, New Jersey, United States

This book is ADORABLE and was the perfect Fathers Day gift for my husband and his boy....JJ. He loved it!!

Hannah, Gold Coast, Australia

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